Merrill Shea Photography

Welcome to my website!

I hope you enjoy wandering through my galleries. I find pleasure in photographing a wide range of subjects: events, sports, theatrical performances, nature, architecture, street work, bar and bat mitzvahs and families, both in color and black & white.

I also have a great interest in environmental and social issues and I work for many non-profit organizations (I have included only a few of those images in these portfolios).

If you are looking for a specific event, please click on the related folder and you will find the appropriate gallery within. Many images have not been cropped for maximum impact; I leave it up to you to crop as you wish, which you can do before placing your order.

If you are considering hiring me, by all means, take a good look around. I have created a "Some of My Favorites" folder in the "Weddings" gallery, if you don't want to wade through thousands of pictures. You will also find more information in the "Wedding Information" folder within the "Wedding" gallery.

In some of the galleries you can view a larger image by clicking on the featured photo; a pop-down menu will offer other size options.

Please feel free to contact me by phone (617) 277-7351, cell phone (617) 470-8648, or by e-mail ( I look forward to hearing from you!

My best wishes,
Merrill Shea

All images on this website are © copyright Merrill S. Shea.